1) Do not RDM!

2) No ghosting!

3) No abusive language!

3) No camping!

4) No mic or chat spamming!

5) [DD]Denchanator is always right!

6) Breaking bridges and testers is traitorous, you can be       killed for it even if it is pre-round.

7) You can't kill someone for not getting tested.

8) Traitor baiting is a killable offence.

9) Please respect staff.

10) Hanging bodies is not traitorous - anyone can do it.


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Please donate at 

for the donator rank.

Donate £5 and you get donator

Donate £10 and you get VIP

Donate £20 and you get VIP admin


Note: If abused, your powers will be revoked.

If the playermodels don't work download them here:



TTT server

Dench As Drench